Wyze’s new Smart Dimming Task Floor Lamp set to be released in late May 2021 for $29.99 plus shipping, has some nifty features. These features include a Bluetooth Remote to turn on/off the lamp and adjust the brightness to 11 level settings.  15 individual condenser lenses for precise directional lighting at 23, 15 & 8, degree angles.  The remote has deep learning capabilities to adapt to your daily patterns to turn the light on and off and even adjust the brightness.  Along with the remote you can control the lamp through the Wyze app on your smartphone using a Bluetooth connection.  With the app, you can set delay timers to turn the lamp on & off, you can create schedules to turn the lamp on/off or adjust the brightness. Finally, the lamp is 5′ 11″ with a flexible 2′ top to point the lamp anywhere you like.

Chard View
Wyze is an interesting company, they seem to tap into every category of the consumer product and doing it at a lower cost, and this floor lamp is another example that they are not letting anything stopping from doing just that.  The only thing I didn’t see in the specs, is the ability to control it using voice.  In the age of smart home, you know that’s a feature most of us want, schedule and timers are okay but some of us like to make it part of smart home routines.